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« General Hospital (New, TV-PG) Anna and Nathan take a moment to reassess a situation; Franco wonders about Ava's threats; Spencer gives Sonny a secret; Morgan defends Kiki.
Jeopardy! (HD, New, TV-G) A returning champion and two challengers test their buzzer skills and their knowledge in a wide range of academic and popular categories.
Inside Edition The Sleep Whisperer (HD, New, TV-PG) Inside Edition interviews a woman that claims her voice helps people with sleep disorders.
Katie Jewel (HD, New, TV-PG) Singer-songwriter Jewel discusses her journey to stardom and her latest project; political activist Cecile Richards shares on her mother Ann Richards' legacy.
The Dr. Oz Show Biggest Cellulite Myths Busted (HD, New, TV-PG) Dr. Oz takes down some of the biggest cellulite myths ever, including how to fight it and how to diminish its appearance; dietician Kristin Kirkpatrick.
Zorro The Jeweled Sword (TV-G) Royal troops deliver a jeweled sword to the Alcalde for him to hide for a while, and an acting troupe comes to town to perform for the citizens.
Movin' On Long Way to Nowhere In spite of Will's objections, Sonny takes a big risk on a purchased load run to Canada; Sonny and Will are in danger of violence from a loan shark.
Naked City Prime of Life (TV-PG) Detective Flint goes to prison in order to witness the execution of a cold-blooded murderer, whom he captured; while waiting, he ponders his occupation.
Route 66 Fifty Miles From Home (TV-G) Ted is in Houston, Texas working as a gym manager where he gets into a brutal fistfight with a well-decorated Vietnam vet, searching for the meaning of life.
Mirror Mirror Treadmill Workout (Repeat, TV-G) Reporter Rebecca Spera provides the latest developments in the beauty, health and fashion industries and shows how to customize wardrobes.
Best Recipes Ever Baby Shower Menu (TV-G) Baby Sleeper Cake; Pimiento Cheese Spread Sandwiches; Mini Quiches Lorraine; Tangerine Punch.
Good Cookin' with Bruce Aidells Southern Cooking (Repeat, TV-G) Chef Bruce shares an easy corn spoon bread recipe; chef Lisa prepares fried green tomatoes; a maple cinnamon walnut pie by chef Emily Luchetti.
Let's Dish Breakfast! (Repeat, TV-G) Christopher Koetke, a culinary instructor at Kendall College's School of Culinary Arts, uses his expertise to create new recipes and customize classic ones.
Mexico: One Plate at a Time Cooking on the Sea of Cortez (HD, TV-G) Rick spends the day with an eco-tourism group kayaking and boating in the ocean before shopping at a local market and preparing grilled fish and papaya salsa.
Steven and Chris Stefano Faita's Twist on Spaghetti (TV-PG) Stefano Faita's spaghetti and meatballs; caring for a dog's teeth; dos and don'ts to painting a ceiling.
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